Hello everyone,

Today I had a great story for you, but I thought I should do some research first, just to make sure I’m not making this stuff up,  and wouldn’t you know (and those of you who use the internet WILL know) that my story may indeed be just a myth. Mind you, the locals tell the story as gospel truth, and they even have a bronze statue to honor the guy in question.

I’ll try and include  a picture of the monument, and tell the story as fact, because after all there is a good point here we can all take away!


Many years ago in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia, there was a young man who went by the name “Govett”.  No one knew exactly where he lived, as he kept to himself and had no friends.

Very occasionally, he’d wander into the town pub in the evening and have a drink, sitting alone and never talking to anyone.

Now this was in the gold rush days and folks spun yarns about him, imagining that he was sitting on a secret claim and probably had a lot of money stashed somewhere.

He also was known for keeping a leather satchel close by his side at all times.  What could be in that thing? Everyone wondered and gossiped.

Well, one night Govett sat there alone drinking his one pint as always, his satchel by his side, and when he got up to leave, several men in the bar decided the time had come to corner this guy and find out what he was hiding.  They hustled out the door in various stages of inebriation, to mount up and pursue this quiet man.

Turning back and noticing that he was being followed, he spurred his horse on its way.  The chase heightened and the fever pitch of clattering hooves rang out up and down the countryside.

Until that is….. until everything went silent.

There in the darkness,  Govett and his horse sailed off a cliff into eternity.  The cliff walls at that point are over 600 feet tall, or roughly the height of a 54-story building…….straight down.

Days later when the chagrined pursuers made it down to the foot of the canyon (This is the true part; the canyon walls are still there), they found the remains of the man, the horse, and the mysterious satchel.

They carefully opened the bag expecting to see gold ore pour out into their waiting hands, but to their surprise, all they found was a carefully documented notebook, hand-drawn maps and a few survey tools.

History will tell us that Govett was registered as a government surveyor.  What is not certain is exactly HOW Mr. Govett died, since the official reports of that night have been mysteriously lost.  But here’s the point as I see it: everyone NEEDS A FRIEND!

Someone who can vouch for you, who has your back when the gossips start up.  Someone to confide in and maybe even share a drink with (lemonade of course).

The Holy Spirit has not left us alone.  The Bible is full of admonitions about not being alone, my favorite found in Ecclesiastes 4:12,  “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
God means for us to be in family, whether it’s your brothers and sisters in Christ, your biological family or just you and God.  Don’t be alone!

Thanks for hearing out my tale, even if it might not be true.  What is true is that a fair share of unfortunates over the years have lost the battle with gravity along those cliffs. If I was one of them, I’d hope to at least like to have a good story to go with it, like our friend Govett!

Govett's Leap