Do you know these two?

Tony and Marsha Woods

Tony and Marsha come from the U.S of A. Marsha’s a real Colorado mountain girl who didn’t wear shoes until she got married (That’s a joke, but Tony included it to see how good Marsha’s proofreading skills are!). Tony came from the really big state of Texas (People say Alaska is bigger, but we all know it’s mostly ice and Global Warming will melt it eventually).

They’ve served as missionaries in lots of places, including Zambia, Liberia, , 20 years in Japan, with short stints in Ethiopia  and Hong Kong, followed by 11 years in Australia.  Now they’ve set up shop in Bangkok, Thailand, but their Aussie roots have wrapped themselves firmly around their ankles. Dual citizenship has encouraged the Woods family to make a home Down Under, with Nathan married to a sweet Aussie girl from the country and daughter Nicki starting her college career in Brisbane, where she’s training to be a nurse. She also has a wonderful Aussie “Friend”, so stay tuned.

It’s a brand new chapter in Tony and Marsha’s lives now, a move which has prompted this blog site. Each week, Marsha plans to update the site and welcomes your comments.