Time to Remember, Part 2

Today you may have noticed that it’s March 11th and we’ve passed one year since the greatest natural disaster ever to hit Japan: the trifecta of a 9.1 earthquake, followed by a record-breaking tsunami and the worst nuclear melt down in 25 years.

Here on the anniversary in Japan, the media talks about nothing else, and as I watch all the myriad videos and news reports, I find my heart in my throat yet again. The sleepless nights, the stress-related maladies, all those things I shared with you this past year were brought back to the surface, and I suppose in a healing sort of way.

Tony just got back after 10 days in the States, and many of you may have seen and heard him at one of the several speaking engagements he participated in. I’d like to attach a couple of videos that he used during his talks.  The first one is called “Arigato” (Thank You) and it’s touching, especially because of the people we know in the video. Look for the lady who says “Hot Coffee!” She’s a real sweetie.  Her name is Endo san and she’s living in the town we spoke of last week.

Anyway, get your tissues and sit back and watch.  And keep praying for the Tohoku (Northeast Japan).  I’m also going to attach the GOOD NEWS of the visit by Franklin Graham last week.  I wrote about the wonderful work he’s been doing thru his organization called  ”Samaritans Purse” a few weeks ago.  So glad there are so many Christians out there caring for these people.  There is still so much to do, but it will get done, thanks to wonderful people like you!


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