Seeing Straight

The other day, I was doing some last minute shopping in one of the larger grocery stores in our area.  We had several events planned, and needing just the right ingredients, I begrudgingly took the time to go there instead of the quaint shops in my neighborhood.

I noticed a young mother in one of the aisles, speaking to her daughter who was riding in the seat of the trolley (shopping cart for you Americans). What caught my attention was the rather interesting head gear she was wearing, much like you’d see on a child who was starting orthodontics.  I didn’t give it much thought until I looked closer and noticed the apparatus was holding on a teeny little pair of glasses!

“Oh, how cute,” I thought, flashing back to the time when my own girl had worn something like that.  You see, when we adopted Nicki from a Russian orphanage at the age of three, she was cross-eyed.  The immediate ‘fix’ when we finally got her back to Japan, was to put her in glasses.  At that time, they didn’t strap them on her head; such an action would have saved us a lot of money, as her active lifestyle managed to break a pair about every three months!

I moved closer to get a better look, but they wandered out of sight.  Then I saw them again and said a little prayer, “Do I need to put myself in a potentially embarrassing position and speak to this perfect stranger?”  They wandered down another aisle out of my reach………… and then I saw them heading right toward me!

“OK, here goes nothing!” I thought, and stepped into her pathway.  ”What a sweet little girl,” I said.  “She reminds me of my daughter long ago”.  The lady was visibly shocked to hear a foreigner speaking to her, especially in Japanese.  Then I saw………. the little girl was cross-eyed!

I took courage and said, “You see, my little girl was cross-eyed too!”  Thankfully for smart phones, I could whip out a picture, both of Nicki when she was three, and another of the beautiful straight-eyed (is there such a word?) bride of 4 months ago.

We chatted a few minutes and I gave her my card.  I assured her that before she knew it, her daughter would be walking down another aisle, grown and beautiful. By then the little girl was getting restless in her seat, and so I directed my attention to her.  ”What’s your name?”  I cooed, not expecting an answer, because she seemed to be more of an infant than I had first thought.

Her name is “Maria”, the mother said.

My mouth dropped open.  When we adopted Nicki, her BIRTH NAME was…………Maria.  What’s the chance?

A few days ago, I got a letter from the mother.  It says (in Japanese),  “I am so excited to be meeting up with you soon.  I am still amazed at the unbelievable circumstances that brought us together.”

I’ll have to say “Ditto”.  Isn’t God’s plan interesting?

Obviously, I need your prayers. In three days, Yumi and her daughter are coming to meet me. But I have a strong feeling that this meeting was set up long ago by the One Who directs all our paths.

Praying for eyes to see,


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