No More Beer Drinkin

Today I’d like to continue a bit on what’s on everyone’s mind.  You guessed it, the Carona virus.

Of course everyone’s talking about it, the news is full of it, the famous Mexican Carona beer is ruing the day they ever named it that because (I’m not kidding) some, perhaps a small percent who live away from a good TV signal, have reportedly stopped drinking it because they don’t want to get the flu.

If you’re watching the news, you’ve heard that Japan has “suggested” that all schools let out for their school year three weeks early.  That, along with the year-end break, will see the kids finally returning to school mid April. The real sad part is that schools, and don’t forget we participated in these national schools with all three kids, REALLY gear up for the big finish in March. Graduations at every level from Kindergarten thru University, and most important, just about every Junior High School graduation across the nation includes a much anticipated trip to Tokyo Disneyland ……..which is also closed.

There is even some serious talk of cancelling the Olympics. That would be huge financially as well as a major disappointment to our missionaries and churches who are preparing massive evangelism events.

My favorite apologist for Christianity is a guy our age, Ravi Zacharias.  A couple of years ago we were driving across America and listened to the audio book, “Walking from East to West”, which is his life story.  If you Google him, you’ll see that along with the likes of Billy Graham, he is one of the greatest Christian apologists ever …….. in spite of the fact that he was born a Hindu….in India.

Now back to the quarantine issue:  Ravi tells the story in his book about his Great Great Great Grandmother.  He only found out about it later in his life and the story goes something like this (sorry if you Google and find out different bits, but this is following the notes I wrote several years ago):

It seems that this woman was a little girl and became interested in the Christian missionaries who were living in her area.  There were several attributes that attracted her, like the warmth of the missionaries, the nice sweets and most important, a Bible that they were sharing with her as they were teaching her to read.

When her parents found out, of course there was a big hoo-ha and she was ordered to return the Bible and any other literature to the compound immediately.  Furthermore, she was forbidden to ever go back.

She did reluctantly set off to the missionaries to give them the message.  She was interested in Christianity but even (and especially) as a Hindu she knew the importance of obeying her parents.

She went to the compound, told them of her parents’ reaction and returned the Bible.  They seemed to understand and gave her a hug and said they’d be praying for her.  On the way out, she was stopped by a policeman.

“You cannot leave!” he demanded roughly, catching her by the collar and returning her to the missionaries.  “There is a Cholera outbreak and NO ONE is allowed to leave the compound”.  Addressing the alarmed missionaries, he shouted for emphasis, “She must stay here until it’s cleared.”

Well, by the end of the 5 weeks, she had not gotten sick and was a strong Christian, well-versed in the Scriptures and ready to live her life as a follower of Jesus.  Decades later (you’ll have to get the book and check the facts), Ravi and his family were able to visit her grave.  It was overtly Christian.

Good things CAN come out of quarantine.  Or for that matter, any other Huge Inconvenience that we think is so bad.

Please pray for our Japanese friends who will try to visit us this Wednesday from their home in Tokyo.  They still aren’t sure they will be admitted to Australia, but if they can, they’re going to stay with us for a few days.  They are being extra considerate not to ‘bother’ us because Tony’s starting his radiation soon. They won’t be a bother, of course, but let’s also pray that Japan will let them back home as well!!

And all of you, keep washing your hands and praising God for his daily mercies.

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice, “Wash your hands while you sing Happy Birthday” (apparently it takes about 20 seconds of vigorous washing to kill a virus).  I’m thinking, sing Jesus Loves Me instead!!



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