This Changes Everything

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This last week we continued enjoying our getaway after the kids left on Sunday evening.  We were able to stay a few more days, writing and enjoying the facilities until our time was up. Then we packed up and came home, fulfilled and yet a part of us wishing we could stay longer. And really, that’s the best way to finish a getaway, isn’t it?

Now we’re back to about as normal and contented as anyone living in their own home in the heat of the summer can be.

Many of you have probably seen this long report about the man in China who ‘blew the whistle’ on the caronavirus.  I was really touched by it, but even more so by what it reveals about Chinese Christians in general.

I was reading the other day about the seemingly mundane things we often do that will change the course of life.  Consider the woman who took her precious perfume and poured it over Jesus’ feet.  I’m sure she could have ‘changed her life’ in so many other ways with that bottle of perfume, and yet she chose Jesus and here’s what He had to say about it:

Truly I say to you, wherever the Gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be spoken of in memory of her. (Mark 14:9, NASB)

Yes, I understand that this last week there have been a lot of conspiracy theories about the virus and the evil powers that may or may not have had something to with it, but no matter how this thing may have been created or controlled, it’s worth noting what this doctor had to say about his faith in Christ. I have no doubt that his actions, like those of the woman with the perfume, will be spoken of for a long time. Here’s what one news agency had to say:

Dr. Li Wen’s Legacy

The doctor left a legacy that will always leave a mark in the hearts of the Chinese people. He cared for patients and tried to stop the spread of the virus knowing he might be infected. Doctor Li Wen chose to lay down his life for others. A pastor in Wuhan had this to say about the doctor and his wife who is eight months pregnant and now infected by the coronavisus, “May God heal them supernaturally and give them grace, peace, strength and comfort during this time.” Then he went on to urge readers to pray, sharing a poem that Dr. Li Wen wrote just before he succumbed to the virus. It’s in Chinese, but the translation goes like this,

I don’t want to be a hero.
I still have my parents,
And my children,
My pregnant wife who’s about to give birth,
And many of my patients in the ward.
Though my integrity cannot be exchanged for the goodness of others,
Despite my loss and confusion,
I should proceed anyway.
Who let me choose this country and this family?
How many grievances do I have?
When this battle is over,
I will look up to the sky,
With tears like rain.I don’t want to be a hero.
But as a doctor,
I cannot just see this unknown virus
Hurting my peers
And so many innocent people.
Though they are dying,
They are always looking at me in their eyes,
With their hope of life.Who would have ever realized that I was going to die?
My soul is in heaven,
Looking at the white bed,
On which lies my own body,
With the same familiar face.
Where are my parents?
And my dear wife,
The lady I once had a hard time chasing?There is a light in the sky!
At the end of that light is the heaven that people often talk about.
But I’d rather not go there.
I’d rather go back to my hometown in Wuhan.
I have my new house there,
For which I still have to pay off the loan every month.
How can I give up?
How can I give up?
For my parents without their son,
How sad must it be?
For my sweetheart without her husband,
How can she face the vicissitudes in her future?I am already gone.
I see them taking my body,
Putting it into a bag,
With which lie many compatriots
Gone like me,
Being pushed into the fire in the hearth
At dawn.Goodbye, my dear ones.
Farewell, Wuhan, my hometown.
Hopefully, after the disaster,
You’ll remember someone once
Tried to let you know the truth as soon as possible.
Hopefully, after the disaster,
You’ll learn what it means to be righteous.
No more good people
Should suffer from endless fear,
And helpless sadness.‘I have fought the good fight.
And I have finished the race.
I have kept the faith.
Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness.’
2 Timothy 4:7, Holy Bible.”

I ask you to think about this beautiful poem and the man who wrote it.  According to the news reports, the Chinese government punished him for making his findings public and yet in his poem he says he loves his hometown and his country.  Such a wonderful Christian heart.

And our thoughts should be, “What does God have for me to do that might change everything?”

Until next week then.


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