Looking on the Inside

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with my youngest grandson, who’s still very little.  He’s the baby of the house and therefore, 1) may be prone to getting his way more often and, 2) is the most adorable of course.

Here’s how things went.  He wanted a mint from my purse. He knows they’re there because they often come out when we’re waiting for something, or otherwise offered in a time or place where you might need a mint for courage.  He’s also learned that it is not good to help himself, rummaging thru my tidy arrangement of purse things.

And so he asked most politely if he could have a ‘waiting pill’ as he calls them.

I, at first, said no, because we weren’t in a place that needed something to distract, but then relinquished because he was just so… well, cute.

I made the mistake of opening the lid and offering him the whole lot.  Usually, (I forgot), I take out just one and put in his grubby little hand.

Of course he dove in with both hands and finally got ahold of two.  I cautioned him that he only needed one but he wouldn’t give up. (again, he’s the youngest and therefore the toughest).  I countered with “OK, but you MUST give one of those to someone”

He heartily agreed, and we all shifted our attention to the conversation and action of the group.

A few minutes later, I looked and both mints were gone.  I got his attention and asked “Did you give a mint to someone?”  Vehemently nodding yes, he smiled his winning smile.

“Who?”  I asked.

“Uhm, Daaaaa,” (and then he thought better), “Mum!”  he answered, looking me straight in the eye with the most innocent expression of purity.

“So, I think I’ll ask her how she liked the mint,” I countered.

“NO!” he said quickly, still pulling the “gotta love me” face.

“Why not?” I countered, beginning to have trouble not smiling.  I haven’t raised kids and been a schoolteacher to not recognize a lie when I’m handed one.

“Oh,” he said, still innocently, but dropping his voice to a conspiratorial whisper as he continued, “She doesn’t want to talk about it.”

Yup, and there you have it.  We can look innocent, but those who have more experience or are possibly God himself can look on the inside.

Hopefully we’re all having a wonderful Christmas season and not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

Tony had a little pre-radiation surgery this week, and all went as planned, but it definitely had some of the stuff of nightmares.  I’d give you more details, but ‘He doesn’t want to talk about it.”  Suffice it to say, we’ve both come good and are looking forward to Christmas. He doesn’t have radiation till March, so we feel like we’ve got the world ahead of us, feeling great (still) and having lots of loved ones and beautiful moments here and there.

As you read this, we will have attended our Annual Church Christmas Carols, and been filled with Holiday Hope.

Merry Christmas all as we prepare what the LORD sees in us for this special holiday.


But the Lord said to Samuel, “ For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7b

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