By This They Will Know

Bula (Hello) from Fiji!

We finally made it, after a night in Sydney because flying standby means exactly that.  If any of you out there envy us for our half price tickets through my daughter’s connections as a Flight Attendant, remember to add in the joy of finding the cheapest hotel and dragging your bags over there since they don’t have a shuttle, just to cover your head for the night.

But when it works, it works like a charm. We finally found seats and made it to Fiji, one day late, and just hours before the president of the Baptist Convention (who incidentally is the pastor of the church,) met us at the airport right before he himself flew out.

He says we were a Godsend because we got here in time to preach at his church today.

We checked into our less than superb motel for the night and were pleased to find a delicious fish curry dinner (which in spite of the bad press Fiji has gotten lately, hasn’t killed us yet).  We dined outside and chatted with a world vagabond who’s about our age. Seems he just walked into the hotel a few days ago and offered to paint a few pictures on their walls for room and board. Why haven’t I thought of that? Except maybe for the fact that I can’t paint.

We had a lovely time eating, sharing experiences and making friends with the stray cat who helped me finish off my Moby Dick sized fish.

And today we woke up and went to church, only to find out that it’s Father’s day yet again!  This time it’s for Fiji!

Church went very well, the singing was that of angels, with everyone decked out in long flowing dresses of beautiful colors. The men were pretty impressive too, dressed mostly in the traditional ‘sulu’ skirts.

We were instantly welcomed in and appreciated, fed up to the eyeballs and carried to our new hotel (a challenge in itself; how do I find these places??)   They loaded us down with all the leftovers from the potluck and left us, so hopefully we can really get down to the brass tacks of writing, which was one of our objectives in coming.

As I sit here in the outdoor lobby, the only place we really have internet, I haven’t seen a cat to make friends with, but the radio on the front desk is playing Christian music. Right now it’s “Christ Alone”.  Could be a good sign for the week to come.  I’m really liking Fiji.  All the stores are closed and there are churches (full) everywhere.

Pray for me as I’ve snagged a ‘gig’ with the church women this next Tuesday. I think they just want to hang out and decide if I have anything of worth to say (no comments, please!). I feel honored.

Then if time permits, they’re going to ‘show us around’ on another day.  I’ve already fallen in love with them all.

Next week we’ll go to the other side of the island and spend some time in the capitol city of Suva.  I think there are more churches there, so who knows what we’ll get up to!

My take away for us all today is the verse in John 13:35, and the one Tony opened up his message with this morning:

‘By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Love ya,


Oh wait!  I see the resident cat…’s going to be a good week!

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