Changes Coming

Today I’m going to make some announcements about change, (see below), but first I thought you might enjoy a Facebook post I made five years ago.  There’s nothing spiritual about it so apologies to those of you who are sharing this in Sunday school.  It does involve a meeting we had with fellow missionaries in Tokyo, and the outcome.

Here goes:

Last night we met with the Posse as we do every week. This time we chose a new watering hole in the classy area of Shinjuku called “St Marcs Choco Croux”.  While I don’t usually trust those Frenchy trappers, it looked glittery and inviting.  We bellied up to the bar, jawed and knocked back coffee for hours.  Someone suggested trying the hot dogs…

Long after sundown we all yawned and said goodbye, split up, mounted our ponies and started across the wild badlands back to our shack.  We said goodbye to our deputy friend as he boarded the stage coach.

Well, I guess he’s some kind of greenhorn because turns out, he had to stop the stage and leap off, barely managing to do so before he tossed his cookies.  We however, got well on our way before the rumblings began and we spurred our mounts toward safety.

All night in the full moon we jockeyed for time in the one holer:  one ‘doing their business’ and the other one outside dancing in the moonlight.

Now almost 24 hours have passed.  We’re propped up against a tree wondering who’ll poke the signal fire.  Tony did decide to go for help this morning, but his horse got one sniff of him and wouldn’t let him ride, so he crawled back to the ditch.

Sometime last night I even hallucinated that I was back on that old ranch called Bangkok, but no, this is the modern, high tech spread called Tokyo.  Who’d imagine that the snake-eyed varmint called “food poisoning” could have snuck in the door!

Next week we’re going to watch our backs

And this time I’m going to skip the hotdogs and go for Chocolate!

And now for the announcements.  We are ONE MONTH away from our 50th Wedding Anniversary!  I remember sewing a wedding dress for a young girl when I had been married only 2 or 3 years.  She intimated to me that she wasn’t sure about her upcoming wedding; after all, she said, “FIFTY years is such a long time!”  I wondered at the time how she could not be looking forward to that prospect here at the beginning, but I just kept sewing……. sometimes I wonder whatever happened to her.

And now we’ve raced thru our lives and here we stand, one month away from a goal that has almost never been achieved in our family….. of course, we understand that this has been completely by God’s good grace.

And so if ‘The Good Lord’s willing and the Creek don’t rise’  (you know that phrase originated from the tenuous peace the settlers had with the Creek Indians), we’ll be sharing some excerpts from our upcoming book, “Weaving Sunlight” for the next month or so.

But the important news is also that we are MOVING THE BLOG SITE for those of you who read this online .  From next week on (and even this week), we’ll be located at Hope you’ll follow me as we transition over!

God bless you all and let’s keep enjoying the journey together!


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