A couple of weeks ago Tony and I were asked to provide dinner for our young people at a church gathering.

I had a little flashback to my own youth and a time when we had all that energy…..

We had a youth director in our little church.  I was in high school.  He was a married man with a wife and some kids.  I think he had a furniture store or something.  The reason I don’t know more about him is because, well, he was euh, OLD!  like 35 or something!!

But he was always ‘around’ for us.  Every week he taught us an extremely boring Wednesday night Bible Study, and I can’t remember a single thing about it………except that during it, God spoke to me in a tangible way about giving my life to Full time Christian Service.  I did that in one of his Bible Studies at age 17.

Back to the present, as we cooked and slaved for the kids, we got more and more tired, and wanted to sit down but it was time to get to the business of dishing up to 50 smiling faces, oohing and awwing about “American Chili”.  I was smiling on the outside and accepting their heart felt thanks, but truth be known, all I could really think was that my feet hurt and my back was about to go out!

And then I remembered “Old” Emerson.  I remember once my girlfriend  and I came by his house unannounced with Tony in tow.  He lived in another state and was a virtual unknown, but he was visiting me and we felt that he was good enough to show off to a person that I considered important enough to be in on the adventure.

There was nothing in Emerson’s house to eat, his wife and kids were at a sports event or something, but the 4 of us gathered around the kitchen and talked and laughed for an hour, sharing a head of lettuce.

This man was no flash in the pan.  He had little to offer……..except himself.  And God used him mightily.

I think the next time they ask us to feed the teens, we will, even if we drag home and are bathed and in bed at nine!

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