Good morning all,

Today it’s beginning to feel like Autumn here, but I refuse to put the heavy quilts on the bed yet.  As so many of you are experiencing early summer where you are, we here Down Under have to look forward to a nice winter. Australians have it all worked out to 4 three-month seasons and winter isn’t officially here till June 1st.  Fortunately our winters are like summers in some of the places you live, so we just have to put on a sweater and maybe some socks.

I got an interesting letter from an aging missionary a few weeks ago. It basically said, “I’m old and dying but wanted to say ‘good bye’ to you all before I go”. That’s certainly an attention grabber.

He went on to reminisce about his many years in Japan.  I began to well up with tears as he talked about all of the good and the bad times. And then he said this,

“For me the amazing love and power of the Japan Baptist Mission family began the first summer of 1952 at Mission Meeting in a hotel in Kyoto. The meeting ran for almost a week from Monday until Saturday morning. Friday evening, Marion Moorhead led the group of almost a hundred in a time of sharing and prayer. The sharing was deep and loving and trusting and kind. Finally, we all stood in a circle for the last prayer. After the ‘amen’, and the eyes were opened, Luther Copeland looked toward the whole crowd and voiced an expression.  He said,

‘During the prayer time I voiced what I was speaking to God at the time. I asked that He reveal Himself to me. Immediately He spoke to me saying, In all the faces around the circle, you see Me.

That was such a blessing and at the same time a shock that it has remained with me for the rest of my days and reminded me that we are part of God’s family and are brothers and sisters of each other.”

And the letter was signed, Ralph Calcote.

How often have you said to yourself, “I’ve seen the face of God in my friends”?  Isn’t the bond we have just beautiful? And wasn’t Ralph Calcote just wonderful to let us know how he has lived life and been grateful?  I got word this morning that he’s had a stroke and passed away peacefully. I am SO SO thankful that I also took the time to jot him a brief ‘thanks and goodbye’ letter.  I don’t know if he got it, but he’ll know about it soon enough. Along with his friend and brother in Christ, Luther Copeland, tonight they are together, seeing God face to Face, as are many others who stood in a circle and prayed together that night.

And then as if I needed yet another example, let me leave you with an experience I had this morning at church. I was complementing a lady about her pretty outfit, and she said, “Oh, I got this in the mail from my friend in England just this week.  She remembered it was my anniversary (even though her husband has been with the Lord for many years), and thinking I might be sad, she quickly made this blouse and mailed it to me!”

I told her again how beautiful it was, and she directed my attention to the lovely sweater she was also wearing and said, “The same friend also gave me this sweater many years ago.”  It too, was a perfect match to the beautiful salmon pink of the blouse.

Faces of God; all around us; opportunities for worship; chances to love and be loved.

Life is precious, take time to reflect on it……….. and show God to each other every day this week.

Oh! And Happy Mother’s Day!!


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