As Luck Would Have It

Hello from Sunny Australia,

We arrived home on schedule April 1st. We’d had another great flight, this time on Singapore Airline’s spin-off economy carrier, “Scoot” which was as nice as any plane that’s brand new.  It has absolutely no frills (nothing like a meal or a blanket or a movie) but it’s cheaper than flying “staff” with Qantas so we were happy to use it.

This whole week has been spent ‘digging out’, or more specifically “wading in”. Apparently it rained and was stinking hot the whole time we were gone.  The weeds are legendary and right now as I’m writing this, I’m procrastinating between getting out there in the lingering heat and working or……just taking another nap.

For the next few weeks I’ll probably be reviewing some of the interesting thoughts that came to us along the way.  Of course, Israel was the real ‘thinker’ with so many very important things happening there.

Our guide, Sam, was a wealth of information. He was a young Christian Egyptian who knew and loved the Lord and also loved his job, leading our group and teaching us about where Jesus walked. Tony kept telling him he should be a preacher, but he said humbly that he felt his calling was to share the history of the Bible and Christ with those who came his way.

And so as we passed down thru Galilee, we came to the most probable place where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, (Matthew 5:1-7). Sam pointed out interesting things we might not have thought of. For example,  by standing at the top of the hill with the people below (as noted in the Scriptures) the lay of the land accommodated the projection of His voice so that all could hear. What they heard that day has come to be known as “The Beatitudes”.

Sam went on to explain that in the language of the day, Aramaic, the word “Blessed” or “Ashari”: can actually be translated with any of the following three words: blessed, happy and lucky.

I had to laugh to myself because I have a very conservative Christian friend that always chided me whenever I said I was “lucky”; reminding me that of course that with God, there are no chance happenings … only those things predestined to occur. Therefore nothing was left to luck.

And yet here was the Son of God saying “Blessed, happy and LUCKY are you who……….”

And that sums up our feelings about our whole trip.  We returned with full hearts, “Blessed”…….and “Happy” and having felt very “Lucky” on several occasions!  God is indeed good to us.

Till next week, Marsha

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