Checking in from the Road

I was reminded of an old slogan from the Body Shop.  They used to (and I think they still do) champion the small businessman, and they had this to say:

“If you think you’re small and insignificant, spend the night with a mosquito.”

We have been staying in a “lodge” of somewhat questionable charm for 7 whole days being small and pursuing our passion, that of writing.

The mosquitoes were equally passionate about sourcing us out and after my two year (to date) recovery of something I caught mosquito borne in 2015, I have been  a bit nervous, but so far so good.

Now thankfully, as I send this today, we’re ensconced into our Mission guest house in downtown Bangkok.  We won’t be writing any more but will be continuing to share Tony’s doctoral thesis/Bible Study, “Anagaion” with churches here and then in Singapore.

We’ve decided that we’re a bit weird, but you knew that.  We love to write.  So much so that we’ll spend our vacation from retirement, holed up in a Thai Hut, complete with thatch and beautiful birds, gardens, and (if you can garner the courage to race across the highway) delicious and cheap food.  By ‘holed’ up I mean 10-hour days, forgetting to enjoy any of the above.

I came across a “How to write” book the other day, and here’s what it says about the craft, “There is freedom in being a writer AND writing.  It is fulfilling your function.”  I used to think freedom meant doing whatever you want, But now I’ve come to discover that real freedom means knowing who you are, what you are supposed to be doing on this earth and then simply doing it.  It is not getting sidetracked, thinking you shouldn’t write any more, when it’s your responsibility to write down a piece of history before time passes and it’s all gone.”

The reason we write, I think, is because we love to, but more importantly, we’ve noticed that with this world going down before our very eyes, somebody, generations from now (certainly not you or any of our children) needs to know of a time when God was honored and allowed to work and be appreciated.  We hope that we can ‘leave’ something that will honor not us, but Him. And because God has been so good to us, we’ve enjoyed remembering that all.

So today is Sunday and we’ve had a great and full day with Calvary Baptist here in Bangkok, explaining our (and hopefully God’s) version of what the scriptures say about the Christian life. Then we switched to Japanese for a great afternoon with the church we’d worked in years ago.

Now we get to play and visit with lots of Bangkok friends from years ago before boarding a train Friday night for Singapore.

We’ve known people who have taken this iconic journey by rail and they’ve said how beautiful it is, meandering down thru Thailand, into Malaysia and finally into Singapore.  I’ll let you know next week how we fared or if the tigers got us.  If the 14-hour trip we just took to Bangkok from Chiang Mai is any comparison, we’ll be OK.

Stay Tuned!


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