Re-Connecting Old Dots

Good morning all,

Okay okay, after all the talk last week about ‘sitting still’, this week we find ourselves in Thailand!

For some time now, we’ve been planning this trip.  A few churches here asked Tony to come and present his “Anagaion” course, so naturally of we were happy to comply.  The Commonwealth Games are going full swing where we live, so it was a good time to get out of town.

Of course we forgot to take into account that April is the hottest month in Thailand, no rain and every day being over 100 degrees (40 C).  Perhaps because it’s really too hot to work, everyone heads home for a few days, during which time they observe “Songkran”, which is the Thai New Year.  Traditionally, Songkran was a time of trading “solemn blessings” by pouring water over each other’s hands. Now unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it’s broken down to a week of revelry involving huge water fights everywhere you go!  If you’re watching Facebook, you can see some pictures we posted of us getting literally drenched just trying to walk from point A to B.  Of course because it’s so hot we really don’t mind, except for our phones, watches and passports.

Today, we promised the Japanese Church here a visit. It’s been 8 years since Tony pastored their church, and we were looking forward to seeing how they were doing. They sent representatives out to our lodging to pick us up, and from there reminiscing began. So many happy memories and faithful friends to reconnect with!  We were thrilled to see them even including a Japanese kid’s song Tony had taught them years ago as a part of their worship service.

To say that our hearts are full would be an understatement. We couldn’t help but remember Paul’s joy in 1 Thessalonians 3:6,  “But Timothy has just now come to us from you, and has brought us the good news of your faith and love. He has told us also that you always remember us kindly and long to see us—just as we long to see you.”

Once my Japanese friend said on Facebook  (using Japanese characters), “Mune ga ippai”, but Google Translator, being a machine after all, turned it into, “My Breasts are Full”.

I think it’s better said, my “heart” is full…..

Watch this space and we’ll tell you some stories of folks we were able to catch up with today.

On Friday we’ll catch a train for a second-class 16 hour ride down to Bangkok (We’re in Chiang Mai now).  We’ll share in English at the Calvary Baptist church and then at the Japanese church after that.

Stay tuned for lots of stories and know that we’re as happy as kids in mud with all of our old friends, delicious food and searing heat.

God bless ya all, hear?

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