To Move or to Sit

A few weeks ago I did something I usually try not to do.

I unwittingly intimidated someone.

There is a lovely lady in our church.  I think she’s about 87, with an amazing story, going back three generations.  I mentioned her recently in a blog about how her family had become Christians 3 generations ago at a Billy Graham crusade.

So….we were having a chat over an after church lunch when we got to talking about some of her memories, etc.  She complained that she’s getting deaf and forgetful and an idea ‘struck me’.

You may remember, right after the New Year, I mentioned asking God for a challenge…. something amazing to do. And sitting there, I suddenly had my ‘eureka’ moment.

The next day, I called the lady’s daughter and asked if she thought I could be allowed to write her story.  The daughter was enthusiastic.

Then I heard nothing….. for weeks.

Finally, at church, I saw the lady, and she pulled me aside and asked if I’d heard from her daughter (I hadn’t).  Then she explained:

“I was so honored by your request to write my story, but actually it made me so depressed that I was unable to go out for over a week. You see, I just can’t remember things clearly anymore.  I think ‘our story’ will have to remain untold.”

Now I’m depressed.

And I’m thinking of those last few weeks leading up to the first Easter, as Jesus finished up His work, died and rose again.

And I wondered, has He ever been impatient with us?  Did He ever have great plans in place, plans that would bless everyone’s socks off… except when it came time to get started, we waffled out with something like, “Uhm…. Actually, I don’t think I can do it”?

The other night at Bible study, we talked about Abraham walking up that mountain with Isaac, never swerving in what he had been told to do. Tony confessed that he could NEVER have done such a thing as sacrifice his son. End of story.

But we all realized, after much discussion, that Abraham, that ‘friend of God’ kept climbing, and was even able to answer Isaac when he asked about the sacrificial lamb, “God will provide”. How could he do that??

Because Abraham trusted God, not his own abilities.

Don’t worry about me and my grand plans to ‘help God’. He’s got it covered. Maybe He just wants me to be still for a minute. Like the children of Israel, when God reminded them through the prophet Isaiah (30:15), “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”

I don’t want to add the rest of that verse: “But you refused.”

In all of my excitement about “helping God out”, there are times, I admit, when His Word seems to be saying, “Just sit still My child and watch.” But all too often I sit as long as I can, then wiggle out of my chair and say, “But, how about….?”

Move when He says move. Sit when he says sit. That’s the challenge, isn’t it? I’ll pray for you; please pray for me.

Just sittin here,


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