Born to Thrive

Hellooooo my ol’ friends!
I sit here today, I’m looking up at the big, but sagging  ’Happy 70th’ balloon languishing dangerously near the ceiling fan in the heat. It’s Sunday afternoon here, and all I want to do is take a nap.   I have to admit we’ve had quite a time since I last talked to you before the new year, taking off the month of January so that Tony could give you a daily message.  .  Hopefully you enjoyed that “Month of Prayer”,  that was our church’s idea to jumpstart everyone into the New Year.  It seems to have worked since we had a full house today.

But I have to say I’ve missed talking to you all.

We’ve had a crazy fun-filled summer here.  What with Christmas, the grandkids and most importantly Tony’s big 70th, we laughed and loved a lot.

My sister Sherry also came out, although only 2 weeks, and of course that was fun.  We’re glad we’re sharing our ‘old age’ together.  I think we were a bit slow paced for her, but then, it’s really hot here.

Back to Tony’s birthday party last week.  We took the opportunity to share a ‘secret’ that we’ve been holding onto for several weeks. Since we missed, by a generation,  the tradition of having a big ‘reveal’ when young folks announce the gender of their unborn babies, we decided to plan a ‘reveal’ of our own. It was a lot of fun, and we giggled like a couple of kids as we put it all together.

If you’re on Facebook, then you know already that  has Tony decided to keep BEES in this next decade of his life.  When our friends here heard, they smiled and stifled yawns. I guess you have to be tough to impress Aussies.

Or maybe they figured out that actually we’re going to put our hand to raising ‘Australian STINGLESS Bees”.  They are critical to our ecology, make about a quart of honey each year and most of all are reputed to make nice pets.  I can’t at this point, imagine that, but we’ll put our name in and ‘ava’ go when the next queen is ready to travel to our humble home.  Wish us luck.
But I’m rambling  (and on this auspicious first blog of 2018!).

What I want to share with you today is the good message I heard this morning.  Our church announced as their new theme for the year, the word, Thrive”. It’s taken from a quote (based in Scripture) from the music group Casting Crowns, and it says, “We must not just ‘Survive’ but ‘Thrive’.

Wow.  In a lot of ways since retirement, I’ve just been surviving. Finding my feet in my new home, new (again) church, new (again) friends, etc.  Specifically, I wonder if I’ve lacked a purpose really beyond just settling in.  Now, after this morning I want to really commit myself and my future to God…… that I do HIS will, whatever that is.  This week our home group is starting a new Bible Study, so that should be fun, but maybe there’s more? Stay tuned!

I want to thank each of you for your support, both in prayer and in spirit.  I know you’re out there even though sometimes I don’t hear from you.  I know you too are ‘thriving’, following God’s will and waiting to see what opens up!

Next week I’m going to tell you a story about a guy who maybe kept a little too much to himself……..and how that worked out. Prepare to be challenged!

Love ya like a sister,


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