What Are We Lookin At?

Dear Friends,

Well, if you’re as busy as we are, you’re probably not reading this!  I’ll keep it short.

The other day my grand boys arrived in a whirl, as they often do.  They were unexpected, which sent me into a dive, trying to hide unwrapped presents before they found them.  After they raided the cookie jar, I could see them casting around for mischief.

Not wanting to brag, but after 7 years, I have to admit that I may be getting to be more of a pro at this, as I was able to think on my feet for a change, and said, “Boys!  Would you please set up our nativity for us!”  We had purposely left one of the older, wooden ones out in harms way for them to be able to play with.

The first question, from the 6 yr old, was ‘Where’s the husband?’  I was busy and brushed the question aside as he pivoted on his heels and spun off to sort it out.  The older one long ago had lost interest when he found a ball.

The afternoon progressed, everyone had a nice but short visit and soon they scurried away (but not before a dip in the pool, as it’s been quite hot here).  As I was straightening up I glanced over at the nativity and laughed out loud.

ALL of the figures were huddled inside the tiny stable, shoulder to shoulder, and they were ALL obviously struggling to get a glimpse of the baby. The ‘view’ we got from the outside was just the polished backsides of a lot of wooden carvings.  No carefully staged lineup, just everyone from shepherd to king and even the ‘husband’with his own  priorities in the right place.

In Australia, we count time to something exciting by the number of ‘sleeps’.  As you read this, you will realize that you have only ‘8 sleeps’ till Christmas morning.  Have a wonderful time and keep your eyes glued to what’s really important!

And if you think of it, help the person next to you get a look.

We plan to have a quiet Christmas with family and a possible drive down to Kylie’s parents in the country for a nice ‘bush Christmas’.  Unless something really strikes me, I’ll probably give you a break for a couple of weeks.  You all have a REALLY BLESSED season, ya’hear?


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