Today, I’d like to draw your attention to an amusing story written by Chuck Colson in his book “How Now Shall We Live?”  We’re going through it in our Thursday night Bible study, and we all got a kick out of is. Here’s a quote from Chapter 21:

Life has a demonstrable, natural order, which Behe and  others argue is designed with a purpose.  Sometimes in our            utopian dreams we forget this.  When we do, it can bring the roof down on our heads literally, as the World Health            Organization discovered.

In the early 1950s, a malaria outbreak occurred among Borneo’s Dayak people.  The World Health Organization            responded by spraying the people’s thatch-roofed huts with the pesticide DDT, which killed the mosquitoes, but also            killed a parasitic wasp that kept thatch-eating caterpillars under control.  At night the buzz of the malarial,  bloodsucking   mosquitoes was stilled, but sharp cracks and  then wild screaming followed—as people’s roofs caved in.

This was hardly the end of the problem.  The geckos stuffed  themselves on the toxic mosquitoes, which definitely took the           spring out of their step: these lizards can usually race over water for yards at a time.  They reeled like drunks on a DDT            Saturday night.  The neighborhood cats, after they had batted  the disoriented geckos around to their satisfaction, gorged on               them.

Then the cats died.

Thus the Year of the Rat (sic) was inaugurated into the life of the Dayak people.

Rats were everywhere, streaming over and through the Dayak’s roofless dwellings.  The rodents were a greater  threat than a   mere skin crawling, toe-biting nuisance.  The  rats threatened the people with Bubonic Plague, a condition  far more serious   than malaria, as bad as that is.

What was the World Health Organization to do?  What  unexpected additional disasters might occur if they poisoned  the rats?

Events were spinning out of control and the brains at the WHO were performing pirouettes of rationalization.  They had only   been trying to help, after all.

Someone finally had the bright idea that what was needed  was to reintroduce part of the natural order that had            collapsed.  Specifically, CATS.

They needed cats, New cats, they needed a lot of new cats to eat the rats (‘who ate the Geckos, who ate the mosquitoes,            who ate the spider she swallowed inside her”).

But how could the WHO transport thousands of cats into a  remote section of Borneo?

One morning as the Dayak people awoke and came out of their dwellings, they heard the droning of slow- flying            aircrafts.  Soon the sky was littered with parachuting pussycats.  Operation Cat Drop rained 14,000 felines down  on Borneo.   As soon as the cats hit the ground—  undoubtedly, on all fours— their ears went up and they raced  to unknown locations (for   reasons known only to cats—or the  aliens who control them)  Before too long the cats got around to the business of   mousing, or in this case, ratting, and the Dayaks were saved from mosquitoes, rats and the World Health Organization.

The chapter goes on to elaborate on our God planted, innate need to follow the moral order that God in his wisdom ordained for us…

This last week has been especially harrowing for us because a few months ago Australia was given a referendum to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to allowing Gay marriage.  Whilst usually we, as Australians, have mandatory voting, this was just more or less ‘asking for our opinion’ so it was not mandatory.  Over a third of the people couldn’t even be bothered to vote, whereas only 7 million (about a third of the population)  said a definite “no”.  The rest either voted yes or did nothing, so the referendum carried.

I feel especially sad because I feel that we all just want status quo and are afraid to stand up for what is right.  Who of us would be an Ezekiel and actually speak out for God, all the while garnering the disgust and ridicule of the great majority who just want to follow ‘the way of the world’.

Sin is insidious and we’re right in the middle of it, sailing along, enjoying life………that is, until the basics are gone and the roof falls in

I promise to get off my high horse and think of something positive to talk about next week, please stay tuned……..and promise me you’ll stay close to God and do what you can?

Thanks always, Marsha

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