Good to be Home

So……this last Monday we arrived home.  It’s true, we’re flying cheaper than most because of my daughter’s status with the airline (flight attendant) but, grateful that we are, the seats are the same size as always, and after eating with carefree abandon for three months, they’re even smaller!

We had a good trip though and came home to a new grand-dog and a lovely home looked after by good friends.  We washed clothes for a solid day (how can anyone get that many dirty clothes in carry on bags?), paid bills, pulled weeds and are just about back to normal as I write this.  Tony just finished preaching at Japanese church today so he feels like he’s ‘in his realm’ again.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about “Home” lately.

I’ve been a bit of a vagabond since I was 19 and married into the Woods family.  Before that I had lived in 3 houses, only one of which I remembered.  We took holidays only to see my cousins or even more occasionally to see my Daddy’s family in Texas.  That was it.

But all the traveling over the years fueled by the cause of missions and possibly exacerbated by a spirit of adventure, has made me what I’d like to call ‘flexible’.  We’ve slept on more floors than I can remember, including under and even ON dining room tables.  Like my son Nathan, I can pretty much sleep anywhere.

But as I settled into our very own bed after this ridiculously long trip, I thought first of how much I like it, more than the so so many others……

And immediately I was reminded of the verse where Jesus says, in Luke 9:58

Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (New Living Translation)

Jesus left HEAVEN to spend an extended time ‘out of pocket’………no home, no favorite bed or pillow…nothing to call his or to comfort him…….and he left HEAVEN, not just my humble (but comfortable) house.

What an incredible sacrifice He paid for us, to do this so that we might be saved.  Thank you Lord.

This next week holds a few dramas for us; a very good friend will hear about treatment from an Oncologist that he didn’t know he was needing when we left.  I also will have a few tests to see if we can chase down some nagging stomach issues.  Anyway, we’d appreciate your prayers, always thanking you for your readership and loyalty taking these things to the Throne of God.

CYA next week!


Did I mention it’s good to be home??

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